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Church is open for Divine Service
with Holy Communion
Saturday (5 pm) and Sunday (9 am)!

Livestream 9 am service
Livestream 9 am service

The 9 am service is live streamed
on Facebook and YouTube.  Please click on one of the links above to access.

Participants must wear a mask or a face covering and practice strict social distancing (6 feet away from those not in their households).

Because we can only safely distance 45 people, you must let the office know which service you plan to attend.

There is no Sunday School until further notice; please call the office for information regarding Bible Classes.

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Our church confesses forgiveness must be spoken of in two ways: first, how it was gained for you and me; second, how it is delivered and made our own.  We confess forgiveness was won for us when Jesus suffered and died on the cross for the sins of all, the Lamb of God upon Whom the Father laid everyone's sins.  We also confess forgiveness is delivered to us today, made our own, through the Word of God preached to us, spoken over us in Holy Absolution, washed onto us in Holy Baptism, and fed into us in the Holy Supper.  This is why Mt.Olive Lutheran Church is a liturgical church, following the ancient liturgy and lectionary of the church.  According to the Constitution of our church:       

The mission of this Congregation shall be to give honor and glory to the Triune God, to

carry out His will, to assist in preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the

world, to manifest the unity of our faith in Jesus Christ as God and Savior, to foster Christian

fellowship and love, to extend a helping hand in human need, and to achieve our objective

by the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, by the administration of the sacraments,

and by the religious instruction of all its members according to the confessional standard of

the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Inasmuch as Mt. Olive confesses all the words of Christ, including His Word that He is truly present on the altar with His Body and Blood which are distributed and received by every communicant who comes to the altar, Mt. Olive also follows the apostolic doctrine of Closed Communion.  The Communion announcement in our Sunday bulletin reads as follows:

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church practices Closed Communion. If you are not a member of a congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, we kindly ask you to refrain from communing. We do so not to make you feel unwelcome or inferior, but because the Scriptures clearly teach that those communing together be unified in their confession of the Faith. In this Sacrament we are not only joined to Christ our Head Who is present in His body and blood, but are also knit together with one another as His Body, in which Body there should be no division of belief. Should you have questions or concerns about this Biblical and historic practice, please speak with our pastor. If you are a member of a sister LC-MS congregation, please announce your intention to commune to our pastor before the service.

Our Service times are: Sunday morning Holy Communion at 8am and 10:30am, with Sunday School and Adult Bible Study at 9:15am.